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California’s Unified Poway District planned to probe students from 6th-12th grade on how much time they spend with students of different gender orientations..

The survey, which spanned 31 questions, probed students on questions relating to “equity” and whether they felt equipped to speak “against racism” and “homophobia.”

Parents were sent an email on May 5 notifying them that the Poway Unified School District planned to conduct surveys on students from May 9-June 3, according to screenshots and materials from the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation and reviewed by Fox News Digital.


“Strangely, these so-called equity surveys are more obsessed about dissecting students’ attitudes toward superfluous identities, rather than their views on how the schools are helping disadvantaged students, regardless of race,” the executive director of the foundation, Dr. Wenyuan Wu, told Fox News Digital.

“The survey is confidential and your student’s answers are private,” the email to parents stated. “There will be no penalty to you or your student for not participating in the survey. If your student does not participate in the survey, they will be provided with another activity by their teacher.”

However, parents who would not want their child to participate in the survey would opt by filling out a form. “If you DO NOT want your student to participate in the survey you MUST complete the form attached below and return the form to your student’s teacher or school office.”

Preview of survey questions in California’s Unified Poway School District.

“Parents who I’ve talked to are confused and concerned, and quite rightfully so. After all, a public school district has no business in psychologically profiling their students,” Dr. Wu said.

Questions asked in the survey preview sent to parents included the following:

  • “How fairly do students at your school treat people from different gender identities, races, ethnicities, or cultures?”
  • “How often do students learn about, discuss, and confront issues of race, ethnicity, and culture in school?”
  • “How often do teachers encourage you to learn about people from different gender identities, races, ethnicities, or cultures?”
  • “How often do you think about what someone of a different gender identity[y], race, ethnicity, or culture experiences?”
  • “How confident are you that students at your school can have honest conversations with each other about race?”

The equity survey also asked on times when major events come up relating to “race” and “gender identities” if “adults” will talk to them about it.

When asked by Fox News Digital what the purpose of the survey was, the district said that it “will provide insights regarding the climate and culture of our school campuses across the district. The survey will allow our diverse student population to share their experiences with us, as we work towards ensuring all students feel safe, valued and seen on their campuses.”


Other questions included how often students have conversations about race and gender identities “even when they might not be uncomfortable.”


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